Sarkar Office Japan KK has started India Business Support Serviceswith the main focus to bridge the gap between Japan & India businesses and vice versa.

Since 06~07 the firm has been providing Bridging Consulting and Business services through a camp office in Mumbai, the commercial business centre of India and local associate/s for Japanese & foreign companies with a focus to "Act as a Bridging Consultant" between Japan and India! And to support the foreign companies mainly Japanese companies interested in doing business in India for both at pre and post entry level.


We offer:

  1. Hands-on practical business support at a most cost & time efficient manner. 

  2. Tailor made service to fit the requirement of the client. 

  3. Walk the talk with our client in the development process as integral part rather than acting as an outsider

  4. Flexibility to try our service without making a long-term commitment.

Service Menu:

Through local associate(s) / networks in India provide other business services such as:

Contact details: (India Camp Office)



Consulting & Administrative Services
"One-Stop Solution"
[Market-entry support, Company Registration, Immigration, Accounting, Tax etc.]
"Since 1993"

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