Sarkar Office® is a "Bridging Consulting and Administrative Services" firm involved in providing "One Stop Solution for Market Entry Support" to both entry and post-entry level, business services to foreign companies since 1993.

Sarkar Office® is a Consulting and Administrative Business Services firm, has been providing Business Services such as Bridging Consulting, Market Entry planning and implementation support, Marketing, Practical based market research in association with conventional market research and market development services, Business Auditing, and other related business services since 1995, however the experience of the founding Director in the said area has been 25 years.

Consulting Service Outline

Market research / Market entry planning & implementation
We research buyers, consumers, endue needs and trends, sensibilities, business practices, and in-depth industry information and assists in the market entry planning.

Marketing / Market development & Entry support
We assist our clients in selection of appropriate sales / distribution route to save time, control costs, increase sales and marketing productivity and hands-on support for entry into the market.

Representation & liaison
We act as a representative / liaison office / marketing representative for our clients

New business development
We act as an adviser & provide hands-on support for new business development for entry-level companies; and post-entry level companies who would like to diversify or increase their market share.

Business Auditing
We conduct Business Audit for major firms as per the Client’s requirement, such as Cisco Partner program auditing etc.

Business Plan preparation, M&A etc.
We assist in preparation of Business Plan for New Projects / entry level market planning and assist in M&A and other related business activities




























Consulting & Administrative Services
"One-Stop Solution"
[Market-entry support, Company Registration, Immigration, Accounting, Tax etc.]
"Since 1993"

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