Sarkar Office Japan KK has been providing business administrative legal services such as Company formation, Business registration, Branch office establishment in Japan and in other countries. Corporate and Individual Tax, Accounting & Payroll services, Social Insurance, Immigration, and other business administrative services in Japan both at entry level and post- entry level support to foreign companies & entreprenuers since 1993 to assist to operate the local Japan business hassle free and with a controlled & preplanned strategy in most cost-effective manner.

 Services provided at a glance:

 Japan Incorporation Service: -

·      Incorporation of a Branch office of a foreign company

·   Incorporation of a subsidiary local company (Kabushiki-Kaisha [KK] or (Godo-Kaisha) [GK] / LLC

 Post incorporation Service: -

·      Monthly Payroll

·      Accounting & Book-keeping as per local standard

·       Year-end adjustment for staff salary withholding income tax (Mandatory requirement for Employer in Japan)

·      Staff Individual Tax return (in case of multiple source of income or income above 20M yen)

·      Staff enrollment of Social Insurance & ongoing support as required based on local regulation

·      Corporate Annual Tax return (Mandatory requirement for Branch or Local Co)

·      Application & procedure re Immigration services (Status of Residence [Work Permit]) for foreign employee from overseas or local hire & ongoing support as required based on local regulation

 Administration Service: -

·      Japanese Company Registry Information as per Government Authority (ROC) record

·      Obtaining Special license (if required) for a particular activities if required as per local regulation such as: Special license for dispatching IT Professionals to work at client's premises; Temporary worker dispatch; Permanent worker dispatch etc.

 Other Administration Business Service: -

·      Virtual business entity establishment & operation in Japan (subject to evaluation of a particular case & after doing due- diligence) and Local staff Recruitment assistance (through local associate)

·      Virtual Office / Business centre support (through local associate)

·      Interpreter & Translation services

·      We offer tailor made solution for client's specific requirement including out of box solution (subject to evaluation)

·      Undertake assignment to assist client to look after their day to day activities in Japan (only after evaluation / assessment of the Client's business activities in Japan, requirement & after doing the due-diligence re the Client’s proposed business activities in Japan)

·      Search & support re physical office on rental & related issues

·      All administrative business issues in Japan as "One Stop Solution" except legal court cases.

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Consulting & Administrative Services
"One-Stop Solution"
[Market-entry support, Company Registration, Immigration, Accounting, Tax etc.]
"Since 1993"

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